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General questions

Does Transcribe automatically convert audio to text?

Fully automated machine transcription is unfortunately still science fiction . While it works for a single speaker and for short phrases it fails for generic audio like interviews which often have multiple speakers and may contain background noise which confuses the software.

We do have a dictation feature that converts your voice (fed as direct input to your microphone) to text through voice recognition. Please note that this feature is not meant for pre-recorded audio played into a microphone, although some of our users have reported success using it this way. It totally depends on the quality of your audio file, if it has multiple speakers, background noise, etc.

With Transcribe, we're aiming to make the process of human transcription easier and help save a lot of time for our users. Transcribe does that by putting the audio player and the text editor on the same screen. So you no longer need to keep switching between two different applications, and can transcribe the audio as you listen to it. Transcribe allows you to slow down the audio to match your speed of typing and also offers other shortcuts for rewinding, fast-forwarding, pause and resume. The text is saved automatically after every keystroke. Even though it's not the magical automatic audio to text conversion app, most people love us because they claim it has easily halved the time they used to spend transcribing otherwise.

Automated machine transcription technology is improving fast, but accuracy levels are still not high enough (>98%) and so you'd anyway have to do a manual review of the machine transcription. We find that this results in more wasted time than saved time. Instead, (single-speaker) dictation technology combined with a foot pedal is the most efficient way to transcribe audio in our experience, which is what Transcribe offers at the moment.

How much does Transcribe cost?
Transcribe costs US $20 for an annual license. At the end of your annual license term, you can chose to renew or let it expire.
How does the annual license and renewal work?
At the end of your annual license term, we will prompt you to renew your license for the next year. If you do not take any action, your account will just expire and you will not be charged anything. We will NEVER auto-renew.
What payment methods do you support?
We accept all major credit, debit and prepaid cards, including international cards. You can also pay via Paypal.
Where is my work saved?
Transcribe stores the data in your browser's local storage - this storage persists across page reloads and browser restarts. The only time when this storage gets cleared is when you explicitly delete your cookies, cache, history etc. via Google Chrome's settings. Otherwise, the data is auto-saved and is always available. We suggest that you type a few words, and try this out yourself - reload the page and as well as restart the browser. Once you're comfortable, you can start trusting the tool :)
What audio and video formats does Transcribe support?
Transcribe supports a variety of audio and video file formats - mp3/mp4/m4a/amr/wma/aac/wav/ogg/webm for audio files and mp4/ogg/webm for video files. You can also open Youtube videos in Transcribe.
I have trouble playing some WAV files on Transcribe
WAV file formats vary wildly and as a result, Google Chrome browser has issues supporting certain types of WAV files. However, many of our customers use a file converter tool to convert all other file formats to MP3 before loading it via Transcribe. It's a simple process and works 100%. Please use this tool to convert your audios to MP3 for free.
My trial has expired - how do I access my data?
We do not delete the transcription even after the trial ends. You can always access it here: after logging in.
I need to transcribe sensitive documents. How secure is my data when I use Transcribe?

We built Transcribe specifically with security and privacy in mind. Your audio/video file is played directly from your computer when you open it in Transcribe and the text you type into the editor never leaves your computer. It is stored in your browser and is never uploaded anywhere. Only dictation data is uploaded in order to perform efficient server-side voice recognition.

In fact one of the side-effects of this privacy feature is that you won't be able to access your transcription when you log in to Transcribe from a computer different from the one that you typed your transcription in. Many users ask us about this and this is actually by design - a privacy feature. We can't load the text you typed in a different computer because the data is only stored in the computer you typed it on.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any other questions you might have.

How do I get Transcribe to work offline?
You don't have to do anything special to use Transcribe offline. You just need to be logged-in when you have an internet connection. Transcribe will automatically configure itself to work offline when you login. Later, when you need to access the app when you're offline, you just need to visit the app link: You might want to bookmark it.
How do I export the transcribed text?
The transcription is saved within your browser, but there is no direct way to access it like a file. You can export the text as a .doc file using our export () feature. You can also just copy and paste the transcribed text into any another application.
What languages does Transcribe's dictation engine support?
Our voice recognition feature supports the following languages: English, Español, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplied, Traditional and Cantonese), Greek, Arabic, Türkçe Català, Danish, Deutsch, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish, Français, Hebrew, Hindi, Italiano, Japanese, Korean, Nederlands, Română, Russian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.
Do I need a special microphone to use Transcribe's dictation engine?
No, you do not need a special microphone for Transcribe.
Does Transcribe support transcribing into templates?

Yes, you can use a Foot Pedal to control audio-playback in Transcribe and type into the template using the program you usually use to open the template. Here's a detailed article on this here.

What's the difference between the individual and group license options?
A group license allows a single administrator to manage multiple accounts at the same time, so that a single credit card can be used for all users. This is useful if you're trying to purchase Transcribe for multiple people in your organization. The person who is signing up for a group license becomes the administrator and only the administrator account has the ability to manage payment details and as well as adding/removing users and licenses from your group.
How do you handle my credit card information?
We use a industry standard credit card processor called Stripe, and in fact, do not have access to your card details at all. This information is stored with our credit card processor, which is PCI compliant so the cards are stored very securely. Secondly, we can assure you that despite being a small company, we're extremely responsive and responsible, and it makes no sense for us to breach this trust of our users by misusing the credit card information.
How do I cancel my account?
To cancel your account, please access the Account page - the termination button is found towards the bottom of the page.
Does Transcribe work with a foot pedal?

Yes! Transcribe works with the following foot pedals:

  • Infinity USB Foot Pedal
  • Olympus RS26, RS27, RS28
  • vPedal vP-1 USB pedal

If you want us to support other foot pedals, please let us know:

Why don't you charge a one-time fee for Transcribe instead of an annual license?
The reason we can't charge a one-time lifetime fee is because Transcribe is a web app and web apps require constant on-going maintenance. The benefit of an annual license for you as a user is that for the duration of the license year, you get new features and updates we release with every version at no extra cost. This is unlike traditional desktop software where you have to pay extra for every new version. We believe that an annual license, coupled with constant improvements and updates is a win-win for everyone.

Troubleshooting issues

I accidentally deleted my transcription - is there an undo option?

Please right click on the text editor and click on the Undo option. This will revert your text to the previous state. You can also use Ctrl+Z keyboard shortcut for undo (Command+Z, if you are on a Mac).

Due to privacy reasons, we don't upload the transcribed text to our servers.

Why doesn't my file load in Transcribe's player?
Please ensure that you're using a file format that's supported by Transcribe. We support the following formats: mp3/mp4/m4a/amr/wma/aac/wav/ogg/webm for audio and mp4/ogg/webm for video. We also support Youtube videos. We're working hard to support more file types in the near future. In the mean time, you can use a file converter tool to convert all other file formats to MP3 before loading it via Transcribe.
The keyboard shortcuts are not working - what should I do?

Some laptops override the functionality of the default function keys to provide other features (such as adjusting the brightness etc.). However, this can be rolled back.

If you’re using a Mac, please ensure that you have switched your F1-F11 keys to function as standard function keys.

If you’re using Windows 7, try the following:

  1. Press [windows key] + x
  2. This will open the Windows mobility center
  3. Look for the “Function Key Row” setting and change it from "Multimedia key " to “Function Key”.

If the above suggestions are not helpful, email us, and we will help you out.

How do I use the dictation feature?
You should see a green "Dictate" button in your UI. When you click on that button, Chrome will ask for permission to use the microphone the first time (a grey bar will appear at the top). This is a one-time permission that you need to us. Subsequently, it will turn orange and you can start speaking into your microphone. The voice recognition will kick in and the text will appear in the editor.
I can't get the dictation feature to work even after trying the above. Or, the dictation feature frequently disconnects.

Here's a quick independent test to find out if Chrome is configured correctly for dictation to work:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the microphone icon that appears at the end of the search box.
  3. Speak into your microphone to do a voice search.

If the voice search doesn't work on, that could indicate that your microphone isn't being recognized by your browser. Chrome and Transcribe do not require any special microphones or headphones. Please ensure that your microphone is plugged in to the right port, audio input levels are set to the right levels in your computer's audio settings and the audio feed is not being used by another running program.

If the voice search does work on, but the dictation feature still doesn't work on Transcribe, or the dictation engine frequently disconnects, it could be due to the following reasons:

  1. The dictation feature requires a good Internet connection. So if your Wifi is a little spotty, you might not notice it during regular browsing but the dictation engine is sensitive to that and might often disconnect. Please try using Transcribe using a different internet connection to determine if this is the cause.
  2. The voice recognition service could be having a temporary service degradation. These usually resolve automatically in a short while, so you want to try again after 5-10 minutes. Also, we've heard users being able to fix this issue by just restarting their browsers and/or computers.
If none of these work, please see the last question/answer in the Troubleshooting section for information on how to get in touch with us. We can help debug the issue further.

None of the above help! What should I do?

We can still help you figure out what's going wrong:

  1. Right click anywhere on the page and click "Inspect Element"
  2. A window will open up at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on the "Console" tab in that window's top navigation bar.
  4. Take a screenshot of your desktop now and send it to us.

We can see if there are any errors logged in that console. When you email us (, please also include your browser version and the operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac) you use.

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