Why don't you charge a flat fee for Automatic Transcription?

Automated Machine Transcription uses advanced machine learning behind the scenes and is a computationally intensive operation that requires a lot of expensive server resources for every minute of audio we need to auto-transcribe. This is unlike in Self-Transcription, where we're able to play the audio/video files directly from your computer.

Given the high cost of computing resources required to do automatic machine transcription, if we were to charge a flat fee for auto-transcribe for all users, it would have been a pretty high amount in order to be able to average out high-volume transcription users and low-volume transcription users. This would have been unfair to low-volume users and would have also left us to eat the costs for high-volume users. So instead, like we've always done, we've opted for simple and transparent pricing that reflects true service costs, so you pay for exactly what you personally need and use and not some averaged-out high price.

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