Privacy Policy

You'll find our detailed privacy policy further below, but we wanted to highlight some key items that might be top of mind for you.

At a high-level, we built Transcribe specifically with privacy in mind. We understand the sensitivity of the content you trust us with, so we take utmost care of this data, retain it only for as long as is needed and give you complete control of it.

Audio and video files
  • Audio and video files you select in self-transcribe are played directly from your computer and are not uploaded anywhere.
  • Audio and video files you select in auto-transcribe are uploaded to our servers for machine transcription, given the amount of computing resources needed for speech recognition. However, we delete uploaded files shortly after processing them. You can read more about this in our Data Retention Policy .
  • We only use your audio and video files to generate transcripts and do not use them for any other purposes.
  • Any text you type into the editor in self-transcribe is only stored in your browser and does not leave your computer. This is a key privacy feature of self-transcribe. Both the media file and text never leave your computer.
  • Machine transcripts generated in auto-transcribe are stored on our servers. However, you have complete control over the data. Once you export the transcript, you can delete it from our servers yourself.
  • If you edit a machine transcript in self-transcribe, the edits will be saved only on your computer.
Dropbox / Google Drive / OneDrive
When you choose to select files from Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive we need read-only access to your file names to show you the list of files for you to pick from. Once you select your file, we will download the file you selected from the service to our servers, and process it according to our Data Retention Policy . We do not have access to any other files in your account.
When you use the dictation feature in self-transcribe for Voice Typing, your voice samples are sent to our servers for speech recognition.
Credit/Debit card data
We use industry-standard PCI-compliant payment processors (Stripe and Paypal) to handle your payment information securely. We do not store any credit/debit card information on our servers, nor do we have access to them. Credit/debit card information goes straight from your browser to our secure payment processors, who store the card on their side and give us a secure token to be able to charge your card against.
We use a few analytics services on our site to collect data on how our product is being used. We use this data to continuously improve our services for you.
Data for Ad Platforms
We do a little bit of advertising on common advertising platforms. When users visit us from ads on these platforms, we send confirmation data back to them, that the user they displayed the ad to indeed visited our site and signed up or made a purchase. Ad platforms use this data to be able to identify which users of theirs find our services relevant and to show them the most relevant ads.

Read on for our full privacy policy.