How do I use the subtitle feature?

There are two ways you can generate transcripts in one of our supported subtitle formats:

  1. Select the "Subtitle formatting" option in the New Automatic Transcription page, when creating a new automatic transcription.
  2. You can also change existing transcripts into a subtitle format by clicking on "Change subtitle format" on the right pane, when you're viewing an automatic transcript, after it's been generated.

The "Duration per Block" option under Subtitle Formatting lets you set how long (in seconds) each block of subtitles should be visible on the screen. For eg: setting it to 5 seconds will cause all the words spoken during a 5 second period to be packed into the same subtitle block, before the player will switch to the next block. So the longer the duration you set, the more words you'll see on a single screen. We recommend a duration of 3-5 seconds for best reading experience when viewing the video with subtitles.

Once the automatic transcript is generated in a subtitle format, you can either download the unedited subtitle file from the View Automatic Transcript screen (see the right pane) or you can edit it to correct any issues by clicking on the "Edit transcript" option. This will open the transcript in the self-transcribe editor from where you can edit it just like any other transcript. Once you're done with your edits, you can click on the download button in the self-transcribe editor to export the subtitle file.

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