How to Transcribe efficiently using a Foot Pedal

Besides dictation, another way to Transcribe efficiently and fast is using a Foot Pedal. You read that right, we’re talking about a device that you can use your foot to control audio/view playback. This unlocks a whole new level of efficiencies and you definitely want to give it a shot.

Transcribe currently supports the following Foot Pedals:

  • Infinity USB Foot Pedal
  • Olympus RS26, RS27, RS28
  • vPedal vP-1 USB pedal
  • Philips ACC2310

You’ll find these online on, your local electronics store or directly from the vendor. If you’d like us to add support for more foot pedals, please let us know.

Getting started:

To get started, first install our Google Chrome extension to enable Foot Pedal support using this link here.

This extension is our foot pedal driver software. So you need not install any other bundled software that might have come with your foot pedal.

Next, open any document in Transcribe. The app will now auto-detect the extension. You can confirm this by clicking on the foot pedal icon after loading a document:

Using your foot pedal

  1. Reload / Open your Transcribe document once again.
  2. Load your audio/video file as usual.
  3. To control audio playback using your foot pedal:
    • Press the center button on your foot pedal to play
    • Remove your foot from the center button to pause the player
    • Press the right button to forward the player
    • Press the left button to rewind the player

Effectively, using the foot pedal will now allow you to type comfortably at your own pace while you control audio play back using your foot. Talk about engaging all four limbs to Transcribe efficiently! In fact this is what professional transcriptionists use to increase their transcription speed by several magnitudes.

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