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I share this platform with everyone in my industry. This is the most affordable and most efficient way for me to transcribe our science heavy content and I have tried a lot of other services. The auto transcription has improved a lot since the first launch, even with subjects who have an accent. The accuracy has been so on point. I barely have to make any huge edits. This is definitely my favorite!

— Kori P

If you have to transcribe recorded interviews and hate doing it, I can really recommend Wreally's new auto-transcription feature. Upload the mp3, it spits out the text. Boom. I'm really surprised at the accuracy. It costs, but not much. Game-changer. transcribe.wreally.com

— Rhodri Marsden (rhodri)

Need to give more props to @wreallystudios' auto-transcription tool. For a rate of $6 an hour, the service provides very accurate transcribing, with the exception of some tech jargon coming through wrong. Combined with its regular transcribe tool, I highly recommend it.

— Dylan Martin (DylanLJMartin)

Transcribe numerous interviews @wreallystudios. This is the best tool for #transcribing audio ever! transcribe.wreally.com Thanks you from saving my sanity! This service is a dream tool.

— Doris Roach (DorisRoach)

On deadline, under the gun and can't face two hours of transcription. That was me, last week. Then I tried Transcribe by @wreallystudios! It was fantastic! I highly recommend this affordable and accurate service...and no, I'm not getting paid for the praise. pic.twitter.com/FiG68BZE3H

— Joanne Latimer (SinusSister)

Can I just say that Transcribe is an absolutely gorgeous online transcription tool that makes transcribing interviews so, so much easier. I'm not on commission or anything, just reckon some of you might find it really useful transcribe.wreally.com

— Mark Brown (MarkOneinFour)

Transcribing my research interviews with the excellent Transcribe Wreally tool. Thanks guys! it is making an arduous job much easier and faster. #MastersDegree transcribe.wreally.com @wreallystudios

— Michelle du Toit (mdutoit74)

I have been using transcribe.wreally.com, not perfect but v helpful once you get the hang of it and you can listen to your interview on headphones, repeat it out loud and it picks up what you’re saying.

— Briony Edwards (brionybriony)

Transcribe from @wreallystudios is my #FAVORITE tool for #transcribing audio! transcribe.wreally.com Check it out!

— Oz Suguitan (ozsuguitan)

Enthusiastic 2nd vote for transcribe.wreally.com Sometimes use dictate feature while playing audio back in headphones - can go super fast

— Stephanie Nolen (snolen)

Found a really useful website for transcribing transcribe.wreally.com It makes this relentless task bearable! @PhDForum @researchwhisper

— Matt Alders (MatthewAlders)

As deadlines approach and have tons of phone interviews to transcribe, transcribe.wreally.com is a lifesaver. Try it out today! #LifeHacks

— Dave Pond (davepond88)

Just finished transcribing 11.5 hours of audio. This app is AWESOME transcribe.wreally.com #JHUEdD #highered

— Dr. Beth Holland (brholland)

This is as good as it gets: a web app called Transcribe. You talk to it, and then it transcribes. Everything else is still Science Fiction, alas! transcribe.wreally.com.

— Gus Silber (gussilber)

Transcribing is horrible, but slightly less horrible with this program: transcribe.wreally.com

— Joseph Bien-Kahn (jbienkahn)

shoutout transcribe.wreally.com for saving your work automatically tho, it pops back on refresh. absolutely fucking worth it.

— @lorenacupcake on IG (lorenacupcake)

It's almost Christmas, but a translators work is never done. Luckily, the absolute heroes over at @wreallystudios have given me transcribe.wreally.com as an early Christmas present, and I can get on with getting my workload finished up. Thanks! it's the best $20 I ever spent!

— Chris Barrett (SpanishNOWco)

I LOVE @gussilber SO MUCH RIGHT NOW FOR SHARING THIS GEM. Transcribing nightmare B GONE > transcribe.wreally.com @wreallystudios

— dorothy black (dorothyblack)

.@billyjohnsonjr changed my life tonight. Thank you for hipping me to transcribe.wreally.com #transcription #amwriting pic.twitter.com/BosdNLu1dr

— anne kristoff (annekristoff)

However, the person currently doing my podcast finds it easier to use this tool from scratch than to start w/ Dragon transcribe.wreally.com

— Chris Masterjohn (ChrisMasterjohn)

I just found the best research transcription tool. ThAnk you @wreallystudios for transcribe.wreally.com & the hours of my future saved!

— Taryn Isaacs De Vega (tarynisaacs)

After tons of research, I’ve found the absolute best transcribe tool out there.
And a great value at $20/year  transcribe.wreally.com

— Kit Artig (KitArtig)

Finally a journo interview workflow that works:
1. Record using DropVox https://t.co/cKTMqMEHbb
2. Transcribe using transcribe.wreally.com

— Oliver Burkeman (oliverburkeman)

Transcribe: An awesome audio-transcription Web app for Chrome http://t.co/GLzL32WN by @psawers

— The Next Web (TheNextWeb)

Alguien me preguntó hace poco por herramientas para transcribir entrevistas, esta es la que uso ahora y es genial transcribe.wreally.com

— Marilín Gonzalo (marilink)

Big fan of Transcribe app after using it for recorded research interviews. Congrats @wreallystudios 4 nice software! transcribe.wreally.com

— Enric Senabre (esenabre)

This one is worth its weight in gold: transcribe.wreally.com $20 for an annual license plus they let you use it free for a week....

— addie k martin (addiekmartin)

@wreallystudios thank you for your wonderful transcription product transcribe.wreally.com -a terrific product, wonderful service! #phdchat

— Kay Oddone (KayOddone)

RT @alisongow: Discovering Transcribe, thanks to @journalismnews http://t.co/afFyKEy4 Think it may be the most useful #tooloftheweek yet

— Journalism.co.uk (journalismnews)

Transcribing is WAY easier thanks to transcribe.wreally.com . I would've been more grumpy! 😄 @wreallystudios

— Mofi (MsBadmos)

Thank you transcribe.wreally.com @wreallystudios for helping me #transcribe 20+ hrs of interviews! Happy to be done but I'm gonna miss you!

— Laura Robson (salamasoa)

@wreallystudios's Transcribe is amazing. Enough said. transcribe.wreally.com

— Iván Farías ⚫️ (ifapel)

Pure gold! #Transcription tool that I found very useful. #research #PhD #HE transcribe.wreally.com

— Saku Tihveräinen (SakuTihverainen)

Btw, thank goodness for @wreallystudios and their transcription prog. Makes life WAY easier :D

— Calum Harvie (xCalumHarviex)

@wreallystudios Am loving the Dictate feature in the #transcribe tool from these guys. A rest for my hands and arms! transcribe.wreally.com

— Annette Gartland (netpoette)

@wreallystudios The #transcribe tool from these guys is so much help to me as a journalist. It cuts so much time off the transcribing task!

— Annette Gartland (netpoette)

Even vergeten wat een klus het is om interviews uit te werken.. Gelukkig heb ik de handige transcribe ap van @wreallystudios gevonden!

— Bram Streppel (BramStreppel)

If you have to transcribe ANYTHING, use transcribe.wreally.com
It has made my life so much easier #SeniorThesisStruggle #SmallerStruggle

— Erin (ESkoblick)

So glad I discovered transcribe.wreally.com. Has made transcribing 6 focus groups in 3 days totally pain-free! #ecrchat #acwri

— Emma Waight (EmsWaight)

Omg I just used Transcribe from @wreallystudios for the first time. MY LIFE IS CHANGED. transcribe.wreally.com

— Marian Schembari (MarianSchembari)


— パートフラム@NCC綜合英語学院 (pertphram110)

I cannot believe the accuracy and efficiency of Transcribe. I have never witnessed vocal recognition work like this transcribe.wreally.com

— Jason Schmitt (jason_schmitt)

Absolutely magical tool for transcribing audio - thank you @wreallystudios! transcribe.wreally.com

— Cat Rose (creativeintro)

Why did I not know about transcribe.wreally.com sooner? It makes transcribing interviews 10x easier for journalism class. @wreallystudios

— irene. (irenehcarstairs)

Journalist? Need to transcribe audio interviews? Brilliant & indispensable app from @wreallystudios: http://t.co/4y0awz9JVS #journalism

— Philip O'Connor (philipoconnor)

Don't tell anyone, but I think I've discovered secret to transcribing interviews: do in bed, with glass of whisky and http://t.co/cCRMDdpkyP

— Jessica Twentyman (jtwentyman)

Transcribing interviews is my least favourite part of v interesting job, but this does make it easier transcribe.wreally.com via @greentoby

— Lucy Tobin (lucytobin)

Oh myyy I just discovered Transcribe from @wreallystudios - cut my transcription time in half transcribe.wreally.com #lifesaver #transcribe

— donnaonthebeach (donnaonthebeach)

Why have I only just discovered transcribe.wreally.com ? I've been using it for an hour and it makes transcription *almost* a pleasure.

— Martin Bryant (MartinSFP)

Transcribe, where have you been all my life?!? Really helping me get this great but looong interview down. transcribe.wreally.com

— Anitra Budd (anitrasb)

Current status: lamenting the untold wasted hours of my life before I found this transcription tool. transcribe.wreally.com

— Ruth Graham (publicroad)

A night in transcribing interviews and Transcribe is a lifesaver! A must have for anyone who shares my pain! transcribe.wreally.com

— Polly Pascoe (pollynhsiq)

First spin on transcribe.wreally.com - a gamechanger for transcribing. Now 30% less hateful!

— Jess Furseth (jessicafurseth)

Writers: This is one of the BEST TOOLS I have ever used for transcription. Check it out. transcribe.wreally.com

— Trish Sammer (TrishSammer)

Looks like transcribe.wreally.com will be the key to my sanity for the next stage of this research project! Thanks for the tip @austinkleon

— Catherine F. (DrCatho)

@wreallystudios, Instant fan after tested out #transcribe for the first time today. Great app!!... http://t.co/OlTY2RXYB3

— Writer JJGow (WriterJJGow)

Transcribers of the world! This thing is great: transcribe.wreally.com

— Emily Mackay (EmilyRoseMackay)

This is a really nice tool recommended to me by @sarahcrbee. For writers who hate transcribing (i.e. all writers): transcribe.wreally.com

— Rhodri Marsden (rhodri)

Una herramienta muy útil para transcribir audios http://t.co/IcoGUSBI5q

— Gerardo Albarrán (saladeprensa)

I can't say how much I like this software. If you #transcribe, you should have it. @wreallystudios transcribe.wreally.com

— Kirsten Akens (KirstenAkens)

Renewed my license for http://t.co/VMqEeo2ML8 today. A really irreplaceable tool for transcribing interviews, try it if you haven't yet.

— Andrii Degeler (shlema)

A night in transcribing interviews and Transcribe is a lifesaver! A must have for anyone who shares my pain! transcribe.wreally.com

— Polly Pascoe (pollynhsiq)

In the past week, we have adopted @Asana, @slackhq and Transcribe from @wreallystudios. Basically a tectonic shift in how we work.

— Jay Pfeifer (JayPfeifer_NI)

@wreallystudios #Transcribe saves me at least 1 hour for transcribing an hour long interview! Such a cool tool, worth paying!

— Pradeep Singh (pradeepdotco)

Every #journalist on this planet should get this app to transcribe interviews quicker! Thanks @wreallystudios! transcribe.wreally.com

— Kseniya Sovenko (KSovenko)

Brilliant online transcription tool. Now I can write 1,000-word articles in less than 15 minutes. transcribe.wreally.com @wreallystudios

— Brandon Partridge (campeaux)

Transkriptions-Tool! Nie mehr lästiges Interview-Abtippen? Klingt zu schön um wahr zu sein. Ich probier es mal aus... http://t.co/uhyD3fZ9r5

— Dr. Sebastian Feuß (sebafeu)

Transcribe saves hours in transcription time for journalists: http://t.co/lh4lOpEkiL #jtools pic.twitter.com/apXk8fqD9s

— Journalism Tools (Journalism2ls)

Hvis du vil øge din produktivitet som journalist, så investér $20 om året i det her program. Det kan anbefales. transcribe.wreally.com

— Jakob K. Bjerregaard (jkbjerregaard)

yes! HOURS saved (ps i hate transcribing) rt @TracyClarkFlory Journalism PSA: Transcribe has changed my life. http://t.co/Bkx7HeiT9I

— Rachel Syme (rachsyme)

If doing #focusGroups or #interviews for #research transcribe through @wreallystudios MUCH easier than other ways transcribe.wreally.com

— PledgeToImprove (PledgeToImprove)

Really liking @wreallystudios's Chrome app Transcribe, which I'm using to write out a recent phone interview. http://t.co/ytuqhziV6f

— Martin Kelley (martin_kelley)

Finally decided to drop the $20/year for this transcribe tool. It's seriously the best tool available. transcribe.wreally.com

— Alex Rubens (alexrubens)

This is a game-changer for anyone who transcribes audio regularly: http://t.co/27Gk6mGgAj Big thumbs up to @mellygoround/@signal__express

— John Bailey (johnbonbailey)

This transcribing tool is BRILLIANT http://t.co/GIpkkE0cYC Thanks to @matttrueman for the link & @dan_hutton for reminding me to try it out.

— Catherine Love (CatherineLove21)

For my journalist friends: This tool will save your life. I just transcribed an hour-long interview in *one hour* transcribe.wreally.com

— Melanie Stone (melaniealissa)

Meet your new friend Transcribe. You're welcome, radio people. http://t.co/ndb3YtNjHr @Journalism2ls

— Round Earth Media (roundearthmedia)

Transcribe is a free tool to help with audio transcription. Great for social researchers! transcribe.wreally.com

— Swinburne Library (swinlib)

I emphatically recommend this tool for anyone who needs to transcribe anything: http://t.co/gVSHSkcoIE

— Rachel Rosenfelt (rachelrosenfelt)

If you're a journalist who records and transcribe interviews, this tool will make your life so much more enjoyable. http://t.co/nXZM7nov1u

— Kevin Sablan (ksablan)

Prayers. Answered. RT @dtopping Get ready to freak out, every journalist I know: http://t.co/4CC6UcdRDh (via @dsnelles)

— Andrea Bellemare (andreabellemare)

Transcribe is helping me big time writing @thephatstartuptranscribe.wreally.com

— Anthony Frasier (AnthonyFrasier)

I use Transcribe daily, an AWESOME @GoogleChrome app 4 transcription of interviews/audio http://t.co/WR1c6CAyeU @WreallyStudios

— Vincent Schilling (VinceSchilling)

Just tried a tool called ‘transcribe’ to transcribe audio interviews for a #WebLearn project- it's great! transcribe.wreally.com #wlse

— Fawei (Oxford4Learning)

Transcribe is a great tool for social researchers and journalists on a budget. bit.ly/RedJ4V

— Jason Wilson (jason_a_w)

Journo-friends: Found a really helpful transcription tool (transcribe.wreally.com) that combines audio and writing in one window. #nerdalert

— Sarah Bruning (sarahbruning)

Useful tool for journalists transcribing interviews, rids awkward switching from recorder to text editor transcribe.wreally.com

— James Read (J_Read92)

Need to transcribe an audio clip? Everything you need on one screen attranscribe.wreally.com You can even speed up/slow down/pause the clip.

— Graham Chandler (gnc957)

Have to transcribe interviews? Check out #Transcribe from @wreallystudios - it will make your life easier. Just purchased a license.

— Ricky Dale Mullins (Rickydale88)

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