What is your refund policy?

Unclear refund policies are frustrating. At Transcribe, we understand that mistakes can happen during purchases, and we will do our best to take care of your interests.

Refund of annual license fee

We will offer a complete refund of your annual license fee if you change your mind within 7 days of purchase. This applies to both self transcription and automatic transcription plans.

Automatic transcription credit purchase

If you've purchased some hours of automatic transcription credit, used some of it and no longer want the product, we will refund any unused automatic transcription hourly units purchased, within 7 days of purchase.

We are unable to refund used automatic transcription credits even for transcript quality issues because automatic transcription requires expensive computing resources that we pay for to process any files, regardless of the output transcript. Transcript quality is also dependent on the recording quality, which we don’t have control over. We highly recommend utilizing the free previews we offer to ensure that different portions of your file are transcribed well, before purchasing.

Refund process

To avail a refund:

  1. Please cancel your Transcribe account from the Account page within Transcribe. 
  2. Email us at contact@wreally.com from the email address associated with your Transcribe account.
  3. Refund requests might take 3-5 working days to be processed.
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