Keyboard Shortcuts

We'd highly recommend using the following keyboard shortcuts in Self Transcription to make your workflow as efficient as possible.

Mac users: You can switch your F1-F12 keys to function as standard function keys, so you don't have to press Fn + the function key each time. Here's an article on how to configure this: If you're a non-Mac user and still have to press Fn + the function key each time, there should be a way to turn this off so you only have to press one key. We'd recommend looking up online for instructions on how to configure this for your particular computer.

  • ESC
  • F12
Play / Resume / Pause
  • F1
  • or Alt + Q in Chromebook
Slow down playback
  • F2 
  • Alt + W in Chromebook
Speed up playback
  • F3
  • Alt + A in Chromebook
Rewind 2 seconds
  • F4
  • Alt + R in Chromebook
Forward 2 seconds
  • F6
  • Alt + T in Chromebook
Insert current timestamp
  • F6
  • Alt + D in Chromebook
Start / Stop dictation
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