Data Retention Policy

At a high-level, our philosophy on data retention is to store the minimum amount of information needed, for as little time as possible, to provide you with transcription services. We also provide you with the flexibility to manage your own data and delete it at any time.

Self Transcription

We do not upload your audio/video files or transcripts to our servers in Self Transcription. The audio/video file is played directly from your computer and the transcript you type is only stored in the browser that you typed it on. So the data and it's retention period is in your control completely and we do not have access to it. You can choose to keep / delete the data from your computer based on your personal preferences. 

Each time you logout of Transcribe, we will prompt you to take a look at this data and confirm that you still want it stored in your computer. You can choose to delete it at that time or at any point when you use the application, from the transcriptions page.

Automatic Transcription

We upload your audio/video file to our servers in Automatic Transcription and we store your file for up to 5 hours, as it's being processed by our transcription engine. We then delete the uploaded audio/video file right after this period.

The machine transcript that's generated is then stored on our servers. You can delete this transcript data from the transcriptions page (hopefully after downloading it), in which case we delete the transcript right away from our servers.

As a privacy best practice, we will also delete transcripts in accounts that haven't been renewed in over a year.

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