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How to transcribe semi automatically using dictation software

While, 100% accurate automatic audio transcription software is still a hard problem for computers to solve, thankfully, there are still effective time-saving alternatives to fully automated transcription.

There is a neat trick you can use to leverage current Voice and Speech recognition technology to transcribe nearly any type of spoken audio recording. This technology only supports single speakers and can easily get confused when there’s background noise or interjections in the audio. But this is ok, since this technique of transcribing works effectively regardless of the quality of the source audio.

Say hello to transcribing using dictation:

  1. Load the audio/video into our editor and slow it down if the speaker(s) is (are) too fast.
  2. Connect your headphones to your computer and turn on Transcribe’s dictation feature by clicking on the green “Dictate” button.
  3. Now, repeat what you hear in your headphones into your microphone. You will see your speech automatically be converted to text.

You are effectively converting your source audio into a single voice (your voice) and giving it as input to the voice recognition engine which is trained to recognize a single speaker. You are also eliminating any background noise from the source audio as you respeak it into your microphone in your own voice, in a quiet environment.

Of course, the recognition can still be a little off, so be prepared to go over your dictation-transcription a second time to correct typos and add in punctuation and formatting.

When you first click on the “Dictate” button in Transcribe, Chrome will ask you permission to let Transcribe access your microphone. Make sure you click on “Allow”:

Dictation in Transcribe

As a bonus, the dictation engine supports several languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Russian. If you would like us to add support for another language please let us know.

Dictation in Transcribe

As always, if you have any questions or if you think this article needs more clarification, let us know at

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