How To Easily Record Voice Memos and Transcribe Them Quickly

When was the last time you had an excellent idea, only to completely forget what it was a few hours later? Sometimes it even happens minutes after the idea comes to you. Also, it’s strange how it never happens when you actually have pen and paper handy to write it down.  

There’s a simple solution for this: voice memos.

Just think about it, you almost always have your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer close to you no matter where you are. For example, at work your computer is on your desk, and while you're watching TV or in bed, your phone is typically within arm's reach away. 

As you then record voice memos of your ideas and other things you need to remember, you’ll be able to transcribe them and save them for when you need them in the future. But how do you do this? Here, we’ll look at how you can use our handy AI transcription software to transcribe your recorded voice memos to text and we’ll give you some useful tips you can use when you do so.  

Why Should You Consider When You Record and Transcribe Your Voice Memos?

As mentioned above, when you record and transcribe your voice memos, you’ll never have to have pen and paper close by to remember an important thought or idea again.

It goes further than this, though, and there are some other benefits when you record your voice memos:

  • More than ideas. Apart from allowing you to remember ideas and other thoughts, recording your voice memos can also be extremely helpful in your everyday personal and business life. Voice memos make it easy to record important dates, deadlines, and things you need to do while on the go. 
  • Clearer ideas. It’s often easier to conceptualize things when you hear them rather than reading them. So, later you’ll be able to clearly understand what you meant at the time when you recorded the voice memo. Also, by listening to voice memos, you’ll give yourself a break from the screens you stare at every day.  

4 Ways To Record Voice Memos for Professionals

Fortunately, nowadays, when you want to record a voice memo, you have all the tools you need with you. For instance, on:

  • Windows, you can record voice memos using the native Voice Recorder App. Here, other options you can use include Audacity, Voice Record, Voice Memos, and many others.
  • Mac, you can use the native Voice Memos app to record voice memos. You can also consider the native WavePad app or Draft.
  • iOS, the native Voice Memos app is available, but you can also consider Alice, Easy Voice Recorder Pro, and Say&Go.
  • Android, you can use the native Voice Recorder app and you can also consider Tape-a-Talk, RecForge II, or Easy Voice Recorder Pro. 

Keep in mind, though, these are just some examples of apps you can use and there are many others. So, you should consider all the options to find the right one that meets your needs. 

How To Quickly Transcribe Your Voice Memos

As with recording voice memos, to convert audio to text also requires the right tools. The problem is that, even though most of the apps mentioned above are excellent at recording audio, they often don’t offer transcription features. And if they do, you’ll need to pay extra. Also, with all the options available, you never know what you’re going to get.  

For instance, on:

  • Windows and Mac, the native apps don’t offer any transcription features. So, you’ll need to consider other apps like Draft on Mac and Dragon on Windows. 
  • IOS, the native Voice Memos app doesn't convert audio to text, so you'll need to consider another solution.
  • Android, like iOS the native voice recorder app, does not have any transcription features, so if you want to convert audio to text you need to look for another tool to use.

That brings us to our AI transcription software, Transcribe. It lets you convert your voice memos to text quickly, and efficiently export them in various file formats.  

A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Editable Transcripts of Your Voice Memos

Once you’ve exported your voice memo, it’s time to convert it to text. Now, this could be a time-consuming process. Fortunately, Transcribe lets you convert audio to text quickly and easily. 

We offer two transcription options: automatic and self.

Automatic transcription

To save time, we always recommend using our automatic transcription service. With it, you can transcribe your voice memos with just a few clicks. Keep in mind, though, automatic transcription works best to transcribe audio to text if you have clear and well-recorded audio. 

For automatic transcription:

  1. Upload the audio file of your voice memo. Here, you’ll have quite a few options to customize before uploading the file including inserting timecodes, subtitles formatting, and more.

2. Once uploaded, you can track the progress of your transcription.

3. Once the transcription is ready, you can download the text file as a Word document or txt file. 

Manual transcription

For manual transcription mode:

1. Select Self Transcription mode.

2. Select the audio file of your voice memo. Our self-transcription editor interface includes an integrated editor and media player and it supports several common audio file formats. 

3. You can also use the self-transcription feature to edit the transcript generated by the automatic transcription mode.

4. Slow down the audio and type as you listen. This gives you the ability to adapt the pace of the audio to your typing speed, which makes it easier to transcribe audio to text.  

5. You can also switch to dictation and repeat what you hear in your voice.

6. You can also use templates, auto loop, and foot pedal features that allow you to transcribe audio or video to text quicker.   

7. Once you’re done transcribing your voice memo, you can export the transcription as a Word document. 

You can read a more detailed how-to guide about transcribing audio and video here.

Isn’t It Time You Made Recording and Transcribing Voice Memos Easy?

Simply put, recording and transcribing voice memos with Transcribe by Wreally is as easy as 1, 2, 3. So, when using it, the times of forgetting important thoughts and ideas will be a thing of the past. To find out more about how you can transcribe audio to text, visit our website for more details.  

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