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4 Time-Saving Ways to Convert Audio to Text Incredibly Fast

  1. Upload your file, get a transcript generated by machines instantly.
  2. Play your file, dictate what you hear and voice-type.
  3. Load your file, slow it down in our player & type with shortcuts.
  4. Load your file, control playback using a foot pedal & type.
Thank you. I'm honored to be with you today for your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world truth be told I never graduated from college and this is the closest I've ever gotten to a college graduation today. I want to tell you three stories from my life. That's it. No big deal. Just three stories.
This is an actual transcript produced by our automatic transcriber software.

Magical Automatic Transcription ✨

Clear audio with minimal background noise? Upload your audio or video and get a machine transcription in less time than the length of your media file.

Voice Type with Dictation 🎙

Put on your headphones, load your audio or video file, slow it down and speak out what you hear. It's that simple.
Our dictation software will convert your speech to text on the fly. This is way faster than typing.

Self Transcription 🔊

When all else fails and you have to transcribe manually, you can still save time using our workflow tools. You can slow down your audio, auto-loop it, use the built-in text-expander or even use a foot pedal.
This is still way faster than using a traditional Media Player and a Word processor.
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Less than 1-hour turn-around on average ✨

Transcription Software You're Going to Love

Saves thousands of hours every day for journalists, lawyers, students, educators, podcasters, authors and professional transcriptionists all over the world.

🦶 Foot Pedal Integration

By connecting your foot pedal to Transcribe, you can control audio playback using your foot, freeing your hands.

➰ Auto Loop

Have your audio automatically pause and resume as you edit your transcript.

📝 Text Expander

Define acronyms for frequently used words and phrases and have automatically expand to their full-form as you type along.

💾 Auto Save

Text you type is auto-saved using your browser’s local storage.

📡 Works Offline

Transcribe's editor and audio player work without an Internet connection.

🔐 Secure & Private

Text you type never leaves your computer. Securely delete your media file uploads when you’re done to delete all copies from our servers. Read more.

Create Subtitles for Videos

Upload your audio or video files and export your automatic transcripts in SRT or WebVTT subtitle files.
Upload these subtitle files to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other video players to make your videos instantly accessible with captions.

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If you have to transcribe recorded interviews and hate doing it, I can really recommend Wreally's new auto-transcription feature. Upload the mp3, it spits out the text. Boom. I'm really surprised at the accuracy. It costs, but not much. Game-changer.

— Rhodri M (@rhodri)

Transcribe numerous interviews @wreallystudios. This is the best tool for #transcribing audio ever! Thanks you from saving my sanity! This service is a dream tool.

— Doris R (@DorisRoach)

Transcribing my research interviews with the excellent Transcribe Wreally tool. Thanks guys! it is making an arduous job much easier and faster. #MastersDegree @wreallystudios

— Michelle T (@mdutoit74)

Start Transcribing Now
Less than 1-hour turn-around on average ✨
Start Transcribing Now
Less than 1-hour turn-around on average ✨