How It Works

Transcribe is a transcription and dictation tool that helps you transcribe audio in a single screen without having to constantly switch between a media-player and a text editor. Our customers use Transcribe in the following ways:

To transcribe an audio by typing (the traditional way):

  1. Click on "Choose audio/video" to select the recording that you wish to transcribe. We support the following audio file formats: mp3/mp4/m4a/amr/wma/aac/wav/ogg/webm and the following video file formats: mp4/ogg/webm.
  2. An audio player will open up. You can control the playback of the audio file using these handy shortcuts (Mac users: switch F1-F11 keys to function as standard function keys):
    • Esc: pause/resume
    • F1: slow down
    • F2: speed up
    • F3: rewind 2 seconds
    • F4: forward 2 seconds
    • F6: insert timestamp
  3. Start typing along. Transcribe will auto-save every keystroke. The transcribed text is stored in your browser and no data is ever sent to our servers. This data is persisted even if you restart your browser or computer as long as you don't clear your browser's cookies or cache.
  4. If you make a mistake while typing press Ctrl+z key (Command+z for Mac users) to undo the previous change.
  5. When you are done transcribing, you can export the text as a .doc file to your computer. You just need to click the export icon to download the file.

Transcribing using Dictation:
Transcribe has a dictation feature that converts voice spoken directly into your microphone into text using voice recognition. So, you can simply listen to the audio in a headphone and repeat what you hear in your own voice. Transcribe's fast & highly accurate dictation engine will convert your voice to text. We typically find this method to be 2-3x faster than typing.

Please read this guide to learn how to convert your speech to text using dictation.

Transcribing using a Foot Pedal:
Using a foot pedal allows you to free up your hands to focus on typing while using your feet to control audio playback. Transcribe supports the following foot pedals

After you load your audio, simply click on the foot pedal icon in the audio toolbar to get started.

If you have any questions...

Please refer to our FAQ page for potential answers. If you have any other questions or just want to say hello, feel free to email us at: